Zybo Tech is a leading IT-enabled and automated software solutions provider for global logistics industry from small to big size companies. Innovative world-class ERP software, Zybo Cargo Suite, offers a comprehensive solution of all logistics business needs in a single platform with global successful implementations in Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa, Middle East, China and Indian Sub Continent. A cloud-based scalable product provides, powerful functions, shipment execution workflow, integration capabilities, Front and BPO team management and business intelligence oriented business information.

Experts from Logistics and IT industry onboard, who defines us what we are today, translate visions into results by maintaining the highest quality of services. We promise on-time delivery, reliability, work efficiency and strict quality check to achieve the international standard that the customers expect from us.

Since our inception, we are also serving an ultimate quality consultancy for customized software solutions through on-site structure analysis, requirements documentation, Integration technology, innovative development strategies, ample quality assurance, and post-implementation support and training with industrys best expert on board.

Zybo Tech was founded in 2011, a purpose-built company with a mission to help digitalize logistics industry with offices in Dubai (UAE) and Bangalore (India).


Our company, consultants, and project work are defined by six core values, which form an integral part of our identity and operations: Honesty and Objectivity, Intellectual Rigour, Value Creation, Consideration and Respect, Ethics, and Knowledge.

Our Mission

Guiding Companies Through Change – Our mission is to guide companies through the process of strategic change. We support strategic and tactical corporate responses to the challenges and opportunities posed by globalisation, technology and competition. Our role is to act as a trusted advisor, providing objective and results-oriented analysis, solutions and implementation.

Our Vission

Our world is characterised by accelerating transformational change. Revolutions in information technology and the global supply chain are changing the ways in which businesses function. Our products are evolving in ways that are perhaps more significant than ever before.

Ideas across the edge

An unconventional business commitment is an open secret of our success, we invest high proportion of our budget in research and development resulting regular updates for our customers, help them increase their business productivity all the time.

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