WiseTech Global

About WiseTech Global – Software Solutions

We are united in our mission to transform global trade, one innovation at a time.

We focus on the deep and persistent pain-points of logistics and are systems thinkers, with a track record of delivering globally relevant software solutions.

We invest relentlessly in product development, building the best technology and prioritizing highly scalable, long-term solutions.

Our innovations and global technology enable and empower the world’s supply chains. We are a force for good, improving productivity, connectivity and resource usage across more than 165 countries worldwide.

What we do

We are a leading developer and provider of software solutions that put productivity at the centre of the world’s supply chains.

Customs Management

Minimize risk and ensure your goods move smoothly across borders to avoid cargo delays, inspection fees and fines. CargoWise gives you the power to automate your customs management processes, providing the data visibility you need to drive accuracy and productivity.

Classification and Screening

Extensive customs reference materials and advanced screening tools to minimize time spent on classification and screening processes. Correctly classify your goods and meet regulatory requirements with CargoWise’s comprehensive customs screening tools at your fingertips.

Deep Integration Services

No matter how sophisticated or simple your supply chain operations, enjoy increased control and visibility with deep integration interfaces. If you have multiple groups of people working across different systems, locations, languages and currencies, you risk creating low quality shipment data and time-consuming, manual work-arounds. Our flexible and comprehensive integrations to government and third party systems, customers, partners and more, can increase your productivity and efficiency. Reimagine your business as usual environment and do more with less today.

Real -time data visibility

The importance of supply chain visibility and resiliency has never been clearer. And as we look to the future, having the data and technology to forecast and plan is critical. From knowing where your shipments are around the world to predicting and avoiding costly disruptions, data is one of your most valuable assets. Real-time data visibility in CargoWise helps you track the movement of goods, from origin to destination, so you can execute your logistics processes more efficiently. Plus with increased transparency throughout your global network, you can be confident you’re making more agile, customer-focused decisions backed by real insights.