WHIZe Cargo Solutions


WHIZeCargo is a web-based comprehensive and advanced supply chain execution solution for freight forwarding, shipping, 3PL and fourth-party logistics (4PL) operations. Using market-leading technology, WHIZeCargo?s tightly integrated solutions enable users to lower costs and enhance profitability by collaborating with their customers and vendors across the supply chain. WHIZeCargo is a complete ERP system coupled with supply chain features.

WHIZeCargo is built on the proven Web-based Open Source technologies and provides the business rules, logic, and integration capabilities for its functional solutions to: Freight Forwarding, Warehouse Management, Yard Management, Fleet Management, NVOCC & Shipping Lines, Procurement Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Customer Relationship Management, HR Management, and Financial Accounting.

Financial Accounting Module

  • Bank, cash – payment and receipt, journal voucher
  • Credit note and Debit note
  • Petty cash and bank accounts
  • Fixed and current assets/liabilities
  • Budgeting
  • Financial statements ? Trial balance and Balance Sheet
  • Profit and loss
  • Post dated checks
  • Budget variance report
  • Sub ledger/Ledger reports
  • Accounts payables/receivables, Ageing Analysis
  • Financial Year opening and closing
  • Drill down the facility in reports

Web: www.whizecargo.com

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