About WDX Freight Systems

WDX’s purpose is to create value for the freight marketplace by improving the efficiency and quality of interrelated synergistic business processes that center on the shipper-carrier relationship. Our well balanced group of experts in freight transportation and information technology forms a dynamic team that takes a fresh and forward looking perspective toward solving today’s logistics challenges with vision, best practices, better strategies and new methodologies. We assembled a highly skilled technical team to develop interfaces with major motor carriers. Our API’s provide fast, accurate, up to the minute tariff rating. Not all carriers have API technology. Henceforth, WDX developed a wide range of motor carrier rating tools to support a vast network of small and large carriers. We recognized the need to include all carriers that can support a diverse and complete marketplace.

Instant Rates

Does your quote staff struggle to find the best carriers to match urgent requirements? Would you save time and freight spend if all your vetted carrier services could appear in a single query? Are your carriers’ put in silos that are hard to reach by your pricing teams? Picture this! Your Seattle office has a trusted carrier that they rely upon to make timely airport pickups. The vendor is well established and ready to serve. Your New York office has an RFQ that includes Seattle air freight. The New York office should quickly obtain pricing automatically with preestablished services ready to go when the shipments begin to arrive. Conversely, Seattle will have immediate access to New York’s established trucking services. There are hundreds of scenarios with unique conditions. We provide a wide range of carrier services in a fully automated single system. Let your specialized service providers support your team.

Integration Services

WDX has a strong team of highly skilled IT experts and professional programmers. Although we have developed user-friendly pricing tools for a diverse shipping marketplace, we know there are always new ideas to improve automation. We are always eager to hear from our valued clients to offer insights and new ways to make managing freight quotes easier. We are here to support you with our core programs and are eager to create further! Let us know your ideas.

Spot Quote Network

Carrier services are entered into the WDX system to query by geographical area and mode of transportation. Carriers will receive electronic quote forms that are systematically returned to the requester. Quotes are stored by quote number and accessible by your team at any time.

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