About VSc Solutions

VSc Solutions is a leading provider of supply chain technology and consulting solutions to emerging markets across the globe. We provide custom solutions that are scalable to any industry and any supply chain environment with the key focus on delivering profits and enhancing competitive advantage.
We believe in creating long term partnerships with our clients and our offering is continuously evolved to meet their ever changing needs.

We at VSC Solutions have become experts at the implementation and benefit extraction of best of breed software solutions within the transport solution and system integration space. We have proven ourselves on numerous occasions with strong case studies for our implementations within various industries, and have built a team of bright, energetic and capable individuals over the last couple of years. We pride ourselves in empowering our customers to make inspired business decisions on a daily basis.


Users are provided with views and features that are specific to their function within the process, whether administrator, principal or transporter.

Visibility of shipments’ details as well as the details of the orders allocated to those shipments.

Automated allocation of carriers to loads based on business parameters.

Provides up-to-date visibility on the progress of loads and orders, whether obtained from OBCs, carrier control rooms or mobile devices.

Uploading and storage of documents critical to the distribution process, whether instructions, permits and invoices uploaded by principals or proof of delivery and supporting documentation by the carriers.

Automated payment approval within certain customised tolerances, highlighting any exceptions for user review before payment approval.

Closed integration with Route Planning Systems, the Daily Route Manager and VSC Palm.


Ensuring your sales representatives have the best tools available to them allows for more time for what is truly important – excellent, timeous customer service. Time spent tracking customer information and leads limits the potential and reach of your sales reps. Give them the tools to sell more. VSC’s new Sales Rep application removes all unnecessary admin and creates complete transparency, allowing for the effective and efficient management of your sales representatives, their leads and customers, as well as your services and products.

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