Vixsoft Systems Limited

About Vixsoft Systems Limited

Vixsoft Systems Limited Established in 1984, we have seen many advances in the IT industry. Vixsoft has kept itself at the cutting edge in advancing technologies and is partnered with many large vendors to ensure that the products and solutions we provide are always current. We are committed to the continual development of affordable and easy-to-use software and solutions that increases productivity and meet the demands of the ever-changing industries our clients work in.

Freight Forwarding and Management

Our powerful freight management software solution Freightfax4 has been designed to make your job easier and provide you with all the tools you will ever need to deliver freight via sea, air or land and includes direct integration for Customs Clearances without the need for 3rd party applications.

What We Do at Vixsoft Systems Limited

We make powerful and easy to use software for the freight industry. We combine our experience of developing and deploying software solutions with our hardware expertise to deliver enterprise-class solutions and services to the medium enterprises through to the small office user. We help bridge the gap and provide the skills, services and solutions which are typically out of reach of small and medium sized businesses to enable them to save time, money, and give them a competitive edge.
Extending the Power of FreightFax In addition to the core FreightFax module, there are a number of fully integrated modules that construct a complete supply chain & Warehousing management solution. Adding these extra modules to FreightFax prevents entering the same data into multiple systems and allows you to provide high quality customer lead services.
We know how critical reliability is to our customers. Our software and services are developed, delivered and supported with this as the primary focus.
At Vixsoft systems we believe in pushing the envelope when it comes to our software development. Our development team are dedicated to creating a seamless and intuitive interface, to keep you ahead of your competitors.