Visual Trans

About This Software

We have been developing software and ERP solutions for transport and logistics for more than 20 years (freight forwarders, customs agents, consignees and integral logistics operators). Our experience, knowledge of the sector and the constant search for excellence in after-sales service has led us to be leaders in the sector.

Full operational and financial control

The Visual Trans Suite allows the analysis of operational and financial results of the company’s business processes.

All processes in the Integrated Visual Trans Suite solution are automated. This translates into greater ease of use and, therefore, saves time, money and errors. We believe in the Single Data Philosophy, which is why tasks are not duplicated and data entry is minimized. All modules in the Visual Trans Suite share the same database and therefore the same information.

Visual Trans offers you the service of contracting the configuration, maintenance and use of an outsourced computer infrastructure, sized for the use of our Visual Trans Suite and storage, with the computer security provided by a provider specialized in these services and with the added guarantee of our management for good performance in your company.


Since the creation of Visual Trans in 1999, we have worked to be market leaders in management software for freight forwarders and consignees, customs agents and integral logistics operators. We are recognized in the market for excellence in our after-sales service. Visual Trans is composed of a large group of professionals from all areas (R + D + I, Quality, Design, Programming, Commercial, Marketing, Projects, Support and Administration).


We work to be faithful to the four values that have brought us here: people, profitability, technology and design.


We are committed to creating a future and that is why we dedicate important resources to the strategy. This allows us to continue growing in number of users and have a product recognized in the sector.

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