About Transporter

It is an ERP of Transport and Logistics, in the operational aspect and for the management of logistics processes.
Its main clients are transport and logistics companies in Portugal and in PALOP, which use Transporter to manage their operations in real time.
It functions as a set of logistic applications appropriate to the reality of each company or economic logistic group.They integrate with the main ERP of the market, like Spring, PHC, Sage, NAV and others, in the level of the sales, purchases, treasury, stocks and inventory.

Transporter products can be acquired under a perpetual licensing model or SaaS – Software as a Service, under a logistic software rental regime.

Transporter Forwarders Software

It is a Freight Forwarding Software for managing transit processes by air, sea, rail and road, and is therefore a multimodal merchandise software or intermodal merchandise software.

Allows analysis of margins and profitability by cargo process, as well as financial control by customer, period or other dimensions of the logistical business used in this activity, such as by process, mode, activity, origin/destination, cargo, etc.

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