About This Software

TRANSPOREON is a web-based logistics platform that links industrial and commercial companies with their logistics service providers. It allows cost-saving, transparent online handling of all workflows related to the transportation management process. The Transporeon product portfolio includes automated shipment execution, dock scheduling, visibility, reporting and much more. More than 1000 shippers and over 57,000 carriers currently benefit from TRANSPOREON’s solutions.


    • Reduce your freight costs by up to 19%
    • Lower your process costs by up to 30%
    • Reduce waiting time for your carriers by up to 40%
    • Integrate seamlessly into any ERP or TMS system
    • access our unique pool of highly qualified transportation partners
    • Your benefits in detail

Access to the largest carrier database

Match your carrier requirements by searching, selecting, and evaluating on geographic coverage, mode, equipment type and industry specialization. Get access to our supplier database with more than 50,000 carrier profiles and extensive search functionality.

Supply Chain Optimization

Analyze network organization, transport flows and locations including transport flow optimization, centralization / decentralization, inventory allocation, and more. We help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your global supply chains and networks, set priorities, and secure critical stakeholder support.

Automatic offer validation

Minimum and maximum price specifications, mandatory fields, predefined units, fixed offer structure and much more.

Highly complex scenario handling

Unlock complex bid scenarios with smart combinatorial analysis. Use the rule-based combinatorics for creating and calculating complex allocation scenarios and identify the ultimate allocation scenario out of trillions of different possible allocation combinations in next to no time.

Reporting and analytics

Integrated analysis engine for comprehensive evaluation of various award scenarios and extensive report functionality. Documentation of all activities with time stamp.

Benefits for your business

Don’t let the capacity crunch disrupt your business. Find the best rates and access the largest carrier database with our fully digital freight matchmaking solution.

For more visit: www.transporeon.com

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