About This Software

We are an ambitious team of IT/WEB developers, focusing on development of cloud-based software for the Freight Forwarding Industry. We were gathered by an experienced freight forwarding executive aiming for optimization of the Supply Chain Management.

In 2011, Many small and medium freight enterprises are still managing their freights by using a fax machine, a scanner, and different office apps and tools to handle their freight workflows. This makes their work slow and inefficient. The efficiency of freight forwarding business is heavily reliant on information and knowledge. Therefore, Freight Management Software is a key resource, which is capable of boosting customer satisfaction and freight forwarder growth.


  • Lithuania is in one of the fastest developing and growing economies in the EU
  • Fastest Internet and fastest public Wi-Fi in the world
  • Most educated manpower
  • On crossway between the EU and to multinational and multimillion emerging market

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