About This Software

Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited was incorporated in 1988 by eleven renowned corporations with a common vision of promoting the widespread use of e-Commerce for trade facilitation in Hong Kong. Its founding shareholders included two of the largest banks in Hong Kong, two container terminal operators, an air cargo terminal operator and a couple of important trade associations. The Hong Kong Government, via the Financial Secretary Incorporated, became its largest single shareholder in 1992. After years of phenomenal growth, it has become a publicly listed company with shares traded on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 28 October 2005. As of today, TAL Apparel Limited is the Company’s largest single shareholder.

By virtue of its solid foundation, Tradelink was appointed by the Hong Kong Government in 2003 to develop and operate the Digital Trade and Transportation Network (DTTN), as a state-of-the-art electronic platform connecting stakeholders in the supply chain locally with their overseas partners for document exchanges. In 2009, upon acquisition by Tradelink, Digital Trade and Transportation Network Limited (DTTNCo) became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tradelink and thereafter, has been used as a strategic tool for Tradelink in developing Business-to-Business e-commerce businesses.

DTS provides both readymade and tailor-made technology solutions,DA Consulting supports the organizations in Hong Kong and mainland china, (e.g Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo, XIAMEN) The clients range from medium-sized organisations such as multinational companies.


  • Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) and Related Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Security Solutions & ID Management

For more visit: www.tradelink.com.hk

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