About This Software

Sysfreight is a Freight Management Software System that is completely Graphical User Interface (GUI) driven, supports multiple languages and databases, and customizable by user. Together with the eBooking, it becomes a powerful platform integrating with a variety of communication devices. Sysfreight is solely designed for the Freight Forwarding companies in one single system across the border worldwide.

Our Modules

SysFreight is a dedicated software that is made up of 6 individual modules that can also work independently. With over 15 years of experience, our team at SysFreight has crafted all of these modules that can be collected to form a master database. Each module is distinct and has its functions, which will be further revealed in this section. Even though modules work independently, it is recommended to get all the modules to get the best SysFreight experience.

Your Benefits


You can treat management software as an investment since, as aforementioned, it would cost a lot upfront. On the brighter side, you’ll get to keep the software and the service forever! Not to mention that most service providers have after-sales support that is too good to miss.

More Profit

Saving time and resources only means that you will have more profit in return. Although it will take time for this to happen, acquiring management software will surely make a freight forwarding company even better in different departments. For start-ups and SMEs, going for this very early is highly suggested. It could mean that you will not need many workforces to make things work, allowing you to allocate the extra resources to other things to generate more profit.

Better Management

Having all the data live can change a business entirely and can also improve management in many ways. Business managers are also given more insight into what things to look out for or what paths to take to have the best outcome. Management software can easily change the course of a freight forwarding business, and it is essential for those that want to level up or move forward.

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