About This Software

Softpak offers an integrated logistics information solution to harbor related companies such as Liner & Liner Agencies (Cargadoors), NVOCC’s (Non Vessel Operating Container Carriers), Physical Distribution Companies, Freight Forwarders and Container Terminals and Depots.

The customers of Softpak are located in the bigger ports in Europe (Rotterdam, Antwerp, Felixstowe, Dublin, Belfast, Helsinki etc.) and the rest of the world (Netherlands Antilles, Cuba, Saudi Arabia).
More than 30 employees are continuously optimizing the software packages of Softpak to give the customers of Softpak a competitive edge versus the competition.
Softpak is thereby continually investing in the product portfolio to deliver software products with a future.

Freight Forwarding

The software starts with a quotation to the customer or prospect, hopefully followed by a booking, all the required documents and finally the invoice to the customer. Besides the use of different transport modes functionality is available for consolidation purposes. Thereby a distinction is made between the actual bookings and the preparation of a Joint Cargo file. For tracking & tracing functionality or the entry of bookings (E-Commerce), the Progress Webspeed product is being used.

Warehouse Management System

The Prostore package registers all stock movements and can include the Customs Administration (Bonded Warehouse – Entrepot) to record the Customs transactions (and documents) in relation to the relevant WMS (Warehouse Management System) movements.

The package is especially designed for Physical Distribution Companies (3rd party logistics), who are responsible for the storage and handling of goods for multiple clients. Thereby the invoicing of storage and handling costs, the tracking & tracing of the status of the goods, the Customs administration are important issues.

Liner Agency Software

The Proline Liner & Liner Agency System is a fully integrated operational and management software system for liner shipping companies, NVOCCs and liner agents.

The Softpak Liner Agency System is totally integrated starting from the Quotation, the Booking, supplying all the required documentation, container control, invoicing all the agreed items and finally the Disbursement Account. Besides that, numerous management reports are available to be able to keep track of the operation, which should lead to increased staff productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

Quotations can be entered manually or through the use of the Tariff book. All the quotations can be saved, copied and can be used for the booking, which elimates the need to re-enter the data. The quotations can be exported or imported to the Microsoft products (Excel or Word) for further analysis or to calculate certain price increases. Freight quotations can be raised for all customers and prospective customers. These quotations can be based on either the full tariff or on special rates per customer. The quotation can consist of a combination of Lumpsum tariffs and a tariff per TEU. The quotations can be sent by E-Mail, fax or letter to the concerned prospects or customers. There are numerous tables to store information regarding clients, ports, commodities and sailings. You will be able to retrieve detailed information regarding the status of your quotations by using a variety of selection criteria. In conjunction with the Outward Cargo module, it is possible to report on cargo that has been shipped and under what conditions.

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