About Softlink

Softlink Global is a leading software provider for Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Supply Chain industry. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes superior technology solutions for strategic and operational aspects of logistics business. Our Spirit of innovation and passion helps logistics industry to create greater business impact and it is reflected by thousands of logistics software deployments that we have undertaken over the years.

Single Integrated Cloud Platform for all Logistics Operations

Logi-Sys Freight Forwarding Software has enabled more than 1000 Freight Forwarders & Logistics Companies in 50+ countries to manage their end-to-end operations from anywhere, anytime on any device with just an internet connection and a browser. Its single database across geographies & operation ensures improved Operational Efficiency, Better Customer Service, & Increased Profitability & Reduced costs. Logi-Sys, control & manage Air Freight, Sea Freight, Land Freight, Warehouse, Transport, Customs, & Integrate it seamlessly with CRM, Billing, & Financial Accounting.

What We Do?

Being a pioneer in the Freight Forwarding & Logistics Management software, Softlink is continuously innovating to meet the dynamic market changes & customer demands. To enable our customers to be at the top of the competition, we use our deep understanding of the industry of over two decades that help the logistics & freight forwarding companies to digitalize their entire internal operations while tightly integrating with all stakeholders involved.


    • Integrate Entire Operations, Branches and Stake Holders
    • Increase the Productivity by Automating Operational Processes
    • Improve Operational Efficiency through Seamless Integration
    • Introduce Operational & Financial Control
    • Save costs by up to 30% to 50%
    • Drive Sales & Revenue Growth
    • Enhance Profitability of Business Stop Revenue Leakages
    • Reduce Job Turnaround Time Eliminate Bottlenecks, Delays & Duplication of Efforts
    • Improve Customer Service Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction
    • Real-time Information for Accurate & Timely Decision Making

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About Freight Softwares

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