About This Software

Softek solutions respects to introduce a software that became the best for the freight forwarders, FAST. FAST provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface that simplifies the management and printing of large volumes of form used in sea and air forwarding…everything that a forwarder needs.

FAST is considered an advanced software be applied in the IT management of freight forwarding business, with a user-friendly interface. It simplifies management and can print the large amounts of paper necessary for forwarding businesses.

Mr Dao Truc Nam, Director of International Freight Bridge, revealed: Mycompany has used many softwares prepared by foreign IT companies for forwarders but they are not satisfactory. At last, I changed to FAST software and found many strengths in FAST. FAST includes the necessary functions for specific Vietnamese forwarders, because the freight forwarding business in Vietnam has its own characteristics. With FAST the payments are well managed and it checks all invoices quickly. The price of FAST is reasonable and FAST is very user-friendly.

Our Outsourcing Services

Offshore software outsourcing allows companies in high wage countries to access top quality technical talent at lower prices.

By providing software outsourcing services for overseas clients for a few years, before Softek established. We have gained extensive experience in on-site/offshore model, distributed team communication and round-the-clock support to help our customers reduce development time and costs.

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