Sahiwala Software Consultants

SOFTEASY – The SAHIWALA SOFTWARE CONSULTANTS was formed on Jan 1994 as Sole Proprietorship with the objectives of tapping the customizing computer software development for the respective clients requirements in business applications. The Company is currently using Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, Seagate Software Products and Component One Technologies on numerous successful projects with implementation onsite or offsite for the esteem clients.

Export Documentation Software manages your export transactions and tracks the subsequent documents

The Cloud Based Export Document Software starts from the Proforma Invoice where one can give the description of the goods to be exported.

On the basis of Proforma Invoice, the word order is prepared where you can give the reference number of the proforma invoice.For submission to the bank your Export Order and to get credit, LC document is prepared where you give all your descriptions like origin and name of the place to be get exported, payment terms, banks name, Exporter Ref No,Buyers order no etc.

Against LC document your Packing credit is prepared where you have to give the reference number of LC.

All the documents are interlinked to each other and the Export Shipping software is an auto export software where all the rest of the details are filled by the Export Management software itself.

There comes the final Invoice also called shipping bill where you have to give the number of LC and Packing credit so as to fill up all the details automatically.


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