About ShipNet

ShipNet delivers solutions that help shipping companies operate more efficiently and profitably. ShipNet’s success in this is founded on the fusion of comprehensive shipping industry understanding and world class ERP software that together allows organisations to streamline their processes and manage their information and assets in ways that help them make the right decisions for their business.
Today ShipNet is engaged in a process of transforming its offering to capitalise on the most advanced technology currently available. This involves the development of a completely fresh product line that combines the lessons learned over 20 years of experience in the maritime ERP sector and the potential offered by web based software which can readily merge different datasets and functional elements to provide a lean and efficient software suite.

We offer One Completely Integrated Software Solution for the Maritime Industry

We provide maritime technology and solutions to effectively transform your data into real-world intelligence thereby unlocking operational and cash performance in a safe and secure manner. Our application suite is unique in being a “One Connected Maritime Platform” ERP suite. By addressing all aspects of a maritime transaction, we are able to ensure that information passes through the system quickly and effectively.

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