Since REPL was founded in 2007, we’ve enjoyed year-on-year growth, a reflection of our dedication, innovation and passion.

We’re a world-leading consultancy and technology group specialising in workforce technology, supply chain, point of sale and in-store digital solutions.

Formed by a specialist team with highly-successful retail careers, we have the experience and expertise to deliver visionary professional services and unique solutions that transform business operations.

Working internationally with some of the biggest and best companies in the world, we partner with them to solve their business issues and drive even greater success.

From this, REPL Group was born, a consultancy that dared to be different, built by people who care. Now a company of over 440 and growing, we work with some of the world’s biggest businesses, solving business problems innovatively, flexibly, and reliably. Our stellar growth has been led by customer success, natural and organic.
Our collaborative, innovative approach ensures we improve business efficiencies and deliver value, however complex the challenge. We are agile, visionary and never afraid to challenge the conventional.
Whether you are trying to implement a new AI system, or drive better decision making using your data. The path to intelligent operations requires a strategic data centric vision of the organisation future. We have been a core part of assessing the maturity of organisations and identifying the lean changes to their core governance of data. We use a blend of business and scientific approach to simplify operations, using prescriptive analytics, enabled by highly skilled PhD scientists and Business SMEs that drives better data quality, and an intelligent operations model.
Transform tech monoliths into microservices or leverage serverless technologies so speed is on your side. With development infrastructure that rapidly releases code, harnesses testing automation and leverages the latest technology, you’ll be on the front foot.


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