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About This Software

RedBerry Software provides software solutions for International and Domestic Freight Forwarders. Conceived in 1979 in the UK, RedBerry Software has become an Industry Standard that is used around the world by hundreds of Freight Forwarders in over ten Countries.

RedBerry has now released a new generation of Freight Forwarding software designed to give absolute flexibility and visibility of procedure and documentation whilst retaining total and instant financial control at all stages of freight movement. The techniques used to create this software are radically different to the methods employed by other freight software developers.

RedBerry History

RedBerry Software ™ provides software solutions for International Freight Forwarders. First conceived in 1979 in the UK, RedBerry Software created software for London and home counties parcel and distribution.

RedBerry created freight forwarders software in 1986 and with software support for the Single Administrative Customs Document in 1988, became a European success story. In 1989 RedBerry Software sent the first EDIFACT message over the SITA Network. In 1993 British Telecom accredited a board developed by RedBerry to link with customs, using a low cost technique previously deemed impossible to achieve.

RedBerry Software went from strength to strength establishing itself in over ten countries, and in 2000 decided to open a software development centre in the Far East.

The purpose of this centre was to set up a free thinking group capable of the vision to develop a completely new concept in freight software. This software is radically different to anything else available, it is driven by multiple data dictionaries that control the program. All this complexity is completely hidden from the end user, who benefits from simplicity of use and flexibility with total financial control.

RedBerry Mission

The RedBerry Software ™ mission is to continue to be the provider of cutting edge solutions for the movement of freight. To this end we have invested some 28 man years of development of a a totally new concept in freight software.

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