About Quantum

Founded in 2003, Quantum is a transportation and logistics solution provider. A company, that delivers IT systems that are unique and the right fit for your organisation. Our domain expertise comes from first-hand experience gathered across every rung of the ladder. Our specialists have real experiences in the processes that our systems are designed for and actual solutions for the many pain points our clients’ experience. Every one of Quantum’s ERP and Business Intelligence solutions is focused on innovation, automation, integration and the elimination of manual and repetitive tasks. Resulting in a drastic improvement in the returns of our clients.

Next Gen ERP for the Shipping Industry

Quantum helps your business overcome operational challenges and increase profits with robust, automated IT solutions.

Our Vision

Vision is rare, and is seen infrequently amongst men. Technology however, has allowed us to look beyond where man ever dreamed of, leaving no barriers to innovation. The Hubble Telescope changed our complete perception of space and time and its enormity. It established how small and insignificant we are – a Quanta, and the unimaginable depth of the universe that keeps on and on unfolding before light can even reach the telescope. Conceptualising the Hubble Telescope and positioning it in space was true Vision. Quantum is inspired, yet at the same time deeply humbled by this great invention and even greater thought concept. More than anything else, it calls on us to look beyond what is obvious and to innovate. We are driven by the inevitability of change, and we are driven by the dramatic technology advances all around us. Quantum has ambitious goals in terms of new technology and bringing about change in the industry. Change that makes us pause to consider and provoke thought.

ERP Systems


Global Liner Shipping is a highly complex business. It spans multiple geographies, processes, laws and regulations. Traditionally, managing this business is extremely difficult. It is highly labor intensive with a very high cost of service. Quantum’s Q-iLS system is built keeping each of these challenges in mind.


As NVOCC’s have increased in influence and prominence over time, they require a standalone solution for their needs. Q-NVO is a completely web-based end-to-end ERP system. It has a projected lifespan of more than a decade. The system is highly flexible and configurable.


This is a comprehensive, integrated Enterprise Solution system that streamlines and optimizes all operations of a Feeder Operator. It provides the management of medium and large sized Feeder companies with complete visibility oversight on the organization’s information processes and business performance. The system will provide our customers a distinctive and sustainable competitive advantage.


Quantum’s Q-FOR is an end-to-end cloud ERP software solution for Freight Forwarding and Logistics companies. Built using the latest technology, Q-FOR promises to cover every element of your business whether they be global or domestic. Our localized solutions allow for a plug and play experience. There is minimun need for customisation and integrated customs and statuary filing requirements

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