Patang Freight Forwarding

A one of the kind platforms that enables you to partner and connects directly with for ease of doing business, also provide various value-added services to upscale your operations.

View Bookings

View all your current and past bookings with complete information on single screen. Easy navigation and filter help access sorting of your booking.

Shipment Tracking

Now get real-time shipment tracking whenever you need it. You can choose between tracking by container, HBL number or by booking number. Also, receive automated shipment milestones alerts for complete visibility.

Invoices & Documents

Get list of invoices and related documents on single screen. Easy dashboard and filters allow to view all invoices with an option to download.

Statements of Accounts

Get your statements of account summary on single screen to check your Outstanding and Overdue amount to manage your finance. Easy dashboard and filters allow to view all your Unpaid and Partially paid, with an option to download the invoices.


Get notify about your shipment status. We offer easily to opt-in notification options which includes In-app notification, Email alert and WhatsApp notification.

Shipping Instructions

A simplified Shipping Instruction form to create a new Shipping Instruction for a specific booking. Select the respective row and click add SI button, you will get a form prefilled with booking data, fill in the respective details.

About Patang

We are a bunch of tech freak individuals stepping the ladder to become market leaders in delivering digital solutions related to shipping and logistics space to our various partner companies, help them to increase their operation efficacy and hence ROI.
Our mission at Patang is to provide an industry-leading digital platform for key stakeholders in the marine logistics industry. We are in the business of encouraging commerce across all global logistic sectors by seamlessly connecting customers to suppliers.
We are in the business of encouraging commerce across all sectors by seamlessly connecting customers to suppliers within the global logistics sector. An online marketplace that presents carefully curated companies with proven logistics partners, where value and trust are prudently protected for both parties.
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