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For 35 years OCR has anticipated the rapid expansion and changes in global trade compliance regulation and process. Today, we continue to innovate and streamline the export and import process, so that our clients can focus on what’s really important – the growth of their core business and their bottom-lines.

We are a trusted partner to a roster of Fortune 500 companies in industries ranging from aerospace to finance. That’s just one reason why OCR is adept, experienced and possesses timely and in-depth knowledge of Global Trade Management and insight into compliance needs that are critical for a successful business.

Global Trade Net

Do more with less and gain control over your work cycle. Improve global trade management and ensure regulatory compliance. GTN is a single solution for small and medium-sized companies which helps to improve global trade management. Our software enables companies to improve efficiency and achieve compliance with global regulations and industry standards. Make your switch from manual based process to GTN and lead a digital transformation that differentiates your company in a highly competitive marketplace.

License Determination

Helps you quickly identify the applicable export controls, license requirements and license exceptions for your products. Determine if your item requires a license to any destination country and instantly view details on license requirements controlling agency, possible license exceptions or exemptions, and any reporting requirements.

Watch List Screening

In our increasingly globalized economy and heightened security, it’s more important than ever to Know Your Customer (KYC). Without performing screening regularly and documenting it, you could face huge regulatory fines, sanctions and criminal penalties Stay compliant with changing regulations, with comprehensive sanction list coverage monitored in real-time.

Our Solutions

At OCR, we facilitate trade and compliance. Our precision tools help small, medium, and enterprise businesses and governmental bodies manage their compliance and supply chain activities

Web: www2.ocr-inc.com

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