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OAS Freight Forwarding Software, our signature product, has been providing Freight Forwarders with the tools to handle their logistics software needs for over 25 years. OAS Freight is a full-featured freight software application which Freight Forwarding companies use as the backbone for their successful operations

Other than logistics software, OAS also provides a number of other tools for the international trade and transportation industries. Online Tracking and Booking, International Trade Software, Warehouse Software, and Customs Filing Software are just some of the products that OAS provides.

In addition, OAS is available to add custom features to existing products, or create a new product to your specifications.

OAS provides more than great freight software and service for OAS Software products. OAS also provides hosting services, making Wide Area Networking easy and cost-effective for our clients.

OAS is personally available for a large number of on-sight services, such as installation and training, setting up third party applications (accounting), acting or even as your IT specialists to support your sales efforts.

OAS is dedicated to tailoring our offerings to your needs and developing a long-lasting and successful business relationship.

Thank you for you interest in OAS. OAS was founded in 1987 as Office Automation Systems. At that time, OAS produced some of the first DOS-based products available for the newly popular Personal Computers in the transportation industry. Needless to say, the new line of OAS products for Windows has come a long way since then.