About This Software

Newage – eFreight Suite is the most comprehensive integrated enterprise application developed specifically for the Logistics industry. It helps Freight Forwarders, NVOCC Operators, Consolidators, 3PL Warehouse Operators, Multi-modal Operators, Customs House Agents, and Relocation Specialists run their business efficiently and seamlessly. The solution provides operational and financial excellence by facilitating Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Control of freight movements across the transaction life-cycle from the enquiry to MIS reporting . It supports all modes of transportation and gives real-time information visibility to both the users and customers.

Newage is a well-established information technology company focused on providing uninterrupted connectivity to the logistics industry through its SaaS-based ERP software.

With cloud-based SaaS software, eFreight Suite, and “Logistics Back Office Services,” Newage offers integrated solutions for the supply chain and logistics industry. We help forwarders managing shipments from origin to destinations and support them in handling the ever-changing needs of the freight forwarding industry.

About Us

At Newage services, we have domain expertise and know how to manage customer experience and expectations to the best-in-class standards, we understand what our clients have come to expect. We are aware of the industry challenges and its relevance of outsourcing these critical interactions and how best to avoid them. Our range of services are spread across voice email channels, mastering each client’s unique ways of managing all end customer interactions.

Our end-to-end freight forwarding ERP software is a cloud-based SaaS application that allows users to remain connected 24*7 from any part of the world. And all our Logistics Back Office Services are based on leading technologies and automation functionality, which work well for all types of companies like small, medium, and large businesses for their sales, finance, accounting, documentation, and customer operations.

Our outsourcing services match the international standard of freight forwarding and logistics industries. Our services like sales & customer service, documentation services, finance & accounting services allow forwarders to maintain hassle-free freight management operations.

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