Melco Group International, Inc

About This Software

Melco Group International, Inc. was established in 1988 and has been in continuous operation since it’s inception. It’s flagship logistics software OASIS ‘Ocean Air Shipping Information System’ manages the day-to-day tasks associated with a busy Freight Forwarding or large exporting company. The entire system operates on a Windows platform. The base system includes Sales Call Management; quotation & Booking modules; Ocean & Air shipments, Reporting modules & User Defined Security system. Modules for Inbound De Consolidations, INTTRA X.12 Edi Ocean B/L transmissions, Warehousing, Electronic SED / Aes-ACE Filing, Air / Ocean Consolidations, Domestic Air Freight / Trucking handling, oasis-web cloud module Real-Time 24/7 Internet Tracking and integrated Accounting are available.

How It Works

Beginning with OASIS r99.09 OASIS implemented access to , then and if this option has been purchased and the OASIS site licensed for it’s implementation the definition by an HQ office (usually 001 or MIA) and the necessary branch offices (002, 003… etc.) required by \ for your organization. The address and contact information for each individual office or branch is then defined. OASIS will stamp each logged in “Branch’s Data” with a unique identifier ( 001, 002, 003…) at the beginning of each transaction. As an example, location 002 Atlanta, GA will not be able to see or retrieve information for location 003 Los Angeles, CA, as each branch has a filter based on their unique three digit code. However personnel with an OASIS “Supervisor” clearance may view individual or consolidated branch information if desired. Each individual branch’s address information is appropriately stamped and formatted for OASIS generated Laser documentation for their location. Since the data is stored in one location (usually the HQ office) simplifying data management, data backups, security and system control are achieved with greater ease and confidence. OASIS ENTERPRISE client remote sites usually are connected to the HQ network via VPN or RDP ‘Remote Desktop Protocol’ Connection.
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