About Malvern

Malvern Link (a standard Malvern Manifest System feature) provides seamless integration between your shipping system and your order management system, database, API and/or export files. Any available shipping data or parameter (including package contents, billing method, etc) can be imported and exported. Virtually any manual step in your existing process can be automated. Malvern Link will eliminate those pending shipping challenges at a truly affordable price.

Malvern Systems, Inc. was founded as Malvern Scale Data Systems in 1980 to market a line of scales based on a patented “digital load cell” technology. In 1985, the company developed the first PC-based manifest shipping system to be used with its own scales for automating the shipping of parcels by the US Postal Service and UPS (and later other carriers). In 1992, RPS (now FedEx Ground) selected Malvern to produce their RPS MultiShip® multi-carrier shipping software. In 1993, Malvern began manufacturing carrier-compliant (direct thermal) shipping labels. Today, after producing over 7,500 shipping systems, Malvern has evolved into a manufacturer and software developer with affordable, integrated shipping solutions for any shipping operation small or large.

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