About This Software

Desktop Application: Transport Desktop application version is most suitable for smaller transport companies, who want to control their business process from single office. This transport software is also suitable for mid and large size transport companies in India having operation in remote locations where internet connectivity is not adequate. Required data is shared among branches is using Lozics-DaTa Link Module and all data is consolidated at Central Server located at company’s Head Office.
Online Cloud Based Logistics Application: Web based logistics ERP software is next generation ERP system for logistics solutions providers in India. You can manage and take control of your entire transport business while you are at home, travelling or staying anywhere in the world. Lozics ERP allows you to run your logistics software on laptop or mobile tablet, just what you need is an internet or wifi connectivity. Online Logistics ERP software is capable of sending auto email and SMS to customers and vendors on various logistics business processes like consignment generation, dispatch, lorry hire, lorry arrival, delivery, Proof of Delivery (POD), billing etc.
CRM for Logistics Providers: Customer portal is the most features of ERP software for logistics companies. The CRM for logistics companies in India is a customer portal, where your customer can sign in using login credentials provided by you. Customer is able to view movement control using consignment tracking, warehouse management control using consignment stock, and payment control using outstanding. Customers are also able to place pickup and delivery orders from portal and are integrated with your Logistics ERP System.
Mobile Apps: ERP for Transport or ERP for Logistics can be integrated with Mobile Apps for consignment tracking, MIS reporting, Vehicle Tracking, Alerts related to Fleet etc. These mobile apps can be developed or customized as per your requirement. Collectively these apps are called Mobile Apps for Transport or Mobile Apps for Logistics.


  • Full Truck Load
  • Online Cloud Based Logistics Application
  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Bulk Carriers Transportation
  • Car (Automobiles) Carriers
  • Two Wheeler Carriers
  • Car (Automobiles) Carriers
  • Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL)
  • Cargo Movers
  • Fleet Owners

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