Logipulse Makes Freight Management a Breeze

Efficiently manage and control your shipment life cycle with our excellent features served through user-friendly interfaces.

Robust operational and financial reporting in Logipulse helps you know the pulse of your business. The reports are highly customizable depending on your specific needs.

  • Extensive reporting to help you gauge how your business is doing operationally and financially.
  • Customize the reports the way you want, through custom plugins.
  • Operational reports include:
    • AR Aging report.
    • Aging report for items that arrived and are stored in the warehouse.
    • Manifest report
    • Landing report
    • Payment summary report
    • Settlement summary report
    • Job P&L report (for source and destination)
    • Job cash flow report
  • Accounting reports include:
    • Profit and Loss report
    • Balance sheet (branchwise)
    • Trial Balance
    • Cash flow statement
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  • Easily create Land, Sea or Air shipments with
    • Loading mode either FCL or LCL
    • Import or Export
    • Shipping Mode either Direct or House
    • Manage freights in a shipment via an intuitive interface
    • Easy consolidation of multiple freights in one shipment.
    • Convert quotations and pickups into shipments
    • Easy manifesting with premanifest, volume calculation and manifest
    • Book vehicle and schedule transportation.
    • Pre-assign delivery areas and create delivery jobs using single click.
    • Easy warehousing using a user-friendly graphical interface.
    • Print labels, generate and print invoices.
    • Define profit sharing agreements between branches, and with other agencies.
    • View logs for each state of shipment, shipment item, job and payments.
    • Track shipments as well as web portal easily
    • Track shipments at an item level


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