About This Software

LoadPilot is an online freight brokering platform that allows you to easily quote, book, organize, invoice and manage all of your loads. Designed by brokers for brokers, LoadPilot is the most powerful and straightforward brokering management system available for transportation professionals. Best of all, LoadPilot is a service that you subscribe to, not software that you buy. Boost your sales with LoadPilot?s 2016 Directory of 30,000 Shippers. This directory is a “must have” marketing tool for freight brokers, freight agents and trucking companies. Leads include manufacturers, distributors, importers and other companies that require plenty of shipping. Search by name, state, ZIP code or by any other information shown below. Provided in Microsoft Excel format, our Directory of 30,000 Shippers can be delivered on CD or by email.

Essential Features

Accounting System

What you need run your brokerage without all the confusing, unnecessary features aspects found in so many other programs.

Activities Overview Page

What aProvides an overview of weekly and daily activities at a glance, such as open loads, new messages, and your weekly schedule.you need run your brokerage without all the confusing, unnecessary features aspects found in so many other programs.

Address Book

Keeps all of your business and personal contacts in one place that is used by LoadPilot® to auto-populate fields, send emails, carrier packets, etc.

Agent Commission System

Manage each of your agent’s commission structure (if that’s how they are getting paid.) Also helps them know how much they are making for each load they move.

Total Agent Management System (TAM)

Gives you complete control of your team. Set up notifications to alert you when an agent has completed something, manage commissions, see what they are doing and help them along the way, give and remove access to certain features, make them a Super-Agent with access to your Broker features, and more!

How it Works

Easy to Use

LoadPilot® was designed with you, the transportation professional in mind. Tested by industry experts, LoadPilot® has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Unlike most other brokering programs, LoadPilot® guides you step-by-step while you work, making it easy to understand and simple to use. You will get more done in less time.

Loads Section

Quote, book and manage all of your loads online.

Walks you through each step of the new load process, automatically checking your work for errors as you go.

Quickly find the right carrier in the right location by quickly search our Master Carrier Database™.

Automatically generate & send emails, invoices, carrier packets and other important documents to your contacts.

Track all past loads with the load history section, viewing important details at each step of the process.

Super Broker Mode™ can be used by experienced brokers and agents to move loads faster.


LoadPilot® makes use of the same type of encryption used by banks, including secure databases, 128-Bit encryption, secure socket layer protocol and much more. Our systems are backed up daily to ensure that all of your data is kept safe and secure. Our redundant servers are kept in a highly secure datacenter with 24-hour security, redundant fiber optic connections, and back-up power generators. You can rest assured that when you use LoadPilot®, your data is protected.

For more visit:www.loadpilot.com

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