About This Software

The Jaix mission has remained unchanged: to offer highly effective, scalable and company-wide solutions that span all key operational and back office activities, including the total integration of the latest electronic technologies and customer web based services. Culminating in the release of our .NET suite.
Jaix maintains a long established and growing team of logistics software professionals who design, develop, deliver, train and support the Jaix ERP offering. Our well qualified and experienced team is distinctively client focused and each member has a passion for the successful development and implementation of leading edge transport and logistics software.

Intuitive and simple to learn

The JAIX ERP not only works at all levels brilliantly, but is so intuitive and simple to learn and to use, it helps take away those changeover headaches. In fact, our clients tell us that within a very short time, they can’t believe how they did without it. Let JAIX help you stay out in front too, with our enviable B2B capabilities, mobility and always-emerging technologies.


The JAIX ERP suite offers you full software integration and auditability, ensuring capture of all revenue with time and cost savings, accuracy, confidence in your numbers and the elimination of cross-system reconciliation and validation.

Our ERP suite also provides your business with unique methodologies that support full external auditing at both accounting and BAS levels. A recent extension of our capabilities delivers you multi-entity Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reporting. This functionality is being extended to include cross-entity journals.


JAIX use of Here Maps® compliments JAIX MapView application with its unique integration and fingertip tools. Whilst Microsoft and Apple have changed the landscape of our PC experience, JAIX has fully engaged the MS platform to deliver a rich and dynamic commercial ERP experience to your desktop. Much of the innovation is provided by JAIX intelligent use of the in-built Dev Express suite of tools. Discover here some of the system-wide features and then the unique functionality at all levels as you explore our web site. Whether your business is relatively small or a corporation configurability matters. JAIX offers flexibility in the set up experience to discuss and tailor your business’s needs. From selecting corporate colour defaults to the number of lines on a consignment, we allow you, to create your system with the intelligence in the background to support your selections.

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