JAG Software

About This Software

JAG Software was started by a group of young dynamic and enterprising individuals with an intent to provide customized software to support companies within India and Overseas. JAG Software uses its experience and expertise to bring down the cost of resources for its clients,
thereby increasing the profitability of their clients.

Having started with one assignment in the UK, today we serve clients all across Europe and Asia. The clients have appreciated JAG’s services and support; and they have given lot of strong references and recommended others to use our services.

Today our ERP solutions cater to clients from various industry vertical, ranging from fabrication companies, Service providers, to inland & overseas logistics companies viz Transporters,
NVOCC , Freight Forwarders, Consolidators, Palletising companies. JAG Software started with a couples of associates and today has a large team that can handle multiple projects and deliver them is a short time period.


  • ePearl Logistics Solution
  • EDI Engine
  • eTrans Transport Management
  • eFabrication Optimize Resources

For more visit: www.jagsoftware.in

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