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Established in 1999, we are an international logistics management enterprise for the Cheap Breitling Replicaheavyweight shipping community.Our focus is excellence in logistics, leadership & web-technology. We hold numerous industry, financial & government certifications.iQ Global Logistics Corp is a Federal Maritime Commission licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) – Ocean Transport .


Please read before requesting a booking online. Potential shippers need to understand our online shipping procedures and must agree with the general terms & conditions.


It is the primary document specifying what you are shipping and how it is marked, packaged and valued. As the rule for personal effects shipments with no commercial value, which are not intended for sale or resale, it is not necessary to fill out a COMMERCIAL INVOICE along with a VALUED PACKING LIST.


It is the primary document used in international trade for commercial shipments. Every country requires a COMMERCIAL INVOICE of some sort for shipping cargo internationally.


WITH iQ GL YOU CAN FILL OUT ESSENTIAL SHIPPING DOCUMENTATION ONLINE. UPON YOUR BOOKING YOU WILL RECEIVE AN E-MAIL WITH OUR SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS. THE SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS WILL CONTAIN SHIPPING DOCUMENTS GENERATED INDIVIDUALLY FOR YOU. BELOW IS THE FORMAT OF THE DOCUMENT. IMPORTANT! DO NOT FILE THE FORM BELOW DIRECTLY. WAIT FOR OUR SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS. Instructions for filing the DOCK RECEIPT form Before you schedule a pickup for your goods you must: Complete the DOCK RECEIPT form online Submit it to us online (edit and resubmit if any errors in your records appears) Print at least two copies of the DOCK RECEIPT (one for a carrier, second for your records), which will be available in a link sent to you. Fill out missing fields, if any, undersign and hand one copy to an authorized warehouseman or to the driver picking up your freight. Use the bottom or backside of your copy of the document to obtain proofs of acceptance of your freight by the carrier into their possession in writing, including confirmation of description of the freight, number of pieces, name and signature of authorized representative of the carrier or driver. The DOCK RECEIPT is used by carriers as evidence that your freight was, in fact, received by the carrier for shipment. If your freight is picked up at your door, the inland carrier provides the DOCK RECEIPT to the Freight Forwarder as evidence that satisfactory delivery has been completed. Always keep your copy of DOCK RECEIPT until shipment is complete. We must receive the completed DOCK RECEIPT from you. Please use the online form or print it and fax to 703-433-0281. Without a DOCK RECEIPT your freight will not be accepted for the international shipment. All fields with the red asterisk (*) are required and must be filled. Printed version of the DOCK RECEIPT will look differently, according to the Standard of the Industry.

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