Intelligent Audit

About This Software

Intelligent Audit leverages deep knowledge of the freight and transportation industry to provide clients with an unrivaled ability to uncover opportunities for cost reduction and strategic improvements. Our proprietary software system allows you to automate many of the most labor-intensive tasks such as gathering and analyzing supply chain data within the carrier payment process while applying advanced data analytics to highlight areas for improvement throughout your organization.

Intelligent Audit is the leading supply chain technology services company focused on reducing transportation costs through automated audit and freight recovery, business intelligence, and contract negotiation solutions. We aspire to develop innovative analytic intelligence to drive efficiencies and optimize our client’s global supply chain processes.

Recently named the Fastest Growing Company in the Transportation and Logistics Industry by Inc. Magazine, Intelligent Audit works to analyze and recover transportation costs on behalf of more than 2,500 clients across multiple industries.

Intelligent Audit continually improves its technology by investing in research and design. Our proprietary, cloud-based solution addresses customer needs using analytics and business intelligence to identify trends, examine current business activities and needs, and detect areas for improvement and optimization.


  • Freight Audit and Recovery
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Carrier Contract Optimization
  • Finance & Accounting Tools
  • Freight Payment
  • Advisory Services

For more visit: www.intelligentaudit.com

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