About Info-X

Since 2001, Info-X has been a premier provider of logistic management software and back-office support services for the global transportation companies in the ocean, air and ground sectors. Info-X mission, all along, has been to focus on this niche domain to continuously enhance its ability to help these companies in resolving the business challenges they have been facing due to the changing business dynamics.

Info-X specializes in outsourced back office services and is a quality driven, professional, and experienced outsourcing partner. It has been, for the last 15 years, the trusted global partner for several logistics companies in both the US and Europe. Leveraged by Its extensive industry knowledge of logistics and understanding of the complexities involved, it has helped these companies improve their efficiencies, get 99.9% accuracies, and experience cost-reductions of up to 40%.

Info-X is a global leader in providing Transportation Management System solutions & digital transformation services to leading NVOCCs, Freight Forwarders, Shippers and Carriers since 2001. We specialize in transforming logistics companies using a mix of cutting-edge automation technology, process re-engineering and global service delivery. We are proud to be part of many success stories and our customer centric approach keeps us in the forefront of Logistics Internet Revolution.

We have been transforming global logistics companies with customized bespoke solutions, helping them lower costs, improve service, gain supply chain control and visibility.