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Imexsol was born in 2011 to generate innovative and flexible solutions for International Trade service providers.

Our vision is “Revolutionize the International Trade community with integrated and inclusive solutions of technology”. We know what is needed to accomplish this task; it’s in our DNA.

We have over 15 years developing and implementing software solutions for the International Trade industry around Mexico and the United States.

Yard Management System helps you control equipment in´s and out´s and actual inventory in your yard.
Freight Management System helps you quote and control your brokerage loads.
Fastest and realiable eManifest portal on market. File your loads crossing documents today.
CUSTOMS CLEARANCE Is the easiest and fastest entry filoing system. We can extract invoice and shipment data in any format to faciliate your filing.
An organized accounting module based on our customers market. Simple to star but with a great control of your financial tasks.
Our Focus is Your Business

We want to generate a specific solution for your company. We can achieve this task with the integration of our tools, experience, and development services.

Web: www.imexsol.com

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