About This Software

The iLOG modules work seamlessly and cover everything from shipment to product delivery to the customer, allowing each step to be followed through automated follow-up via email or website.

ILOG has client / server architecture with MySQL database, one of the most reliable and fastest on the market, used by companies like Google, Sony, Bradesco, Motorola, in mission-critical applications.


  • Multi Company
  • Customer / Supplier Registration
  • Contacts, Monitoring and Business Agenda
  • Accreditation Control
  • Customer Service Requirements Control
  • Registration of Import and Export Clearance Processes
  • Customer Product Registration
  • Numerarios Application
  • Control of Advances
  • Import Tax and Ref Printing with Integration to NF-e
  • Generation of Integrated LI and DI to Siscomex
  • Integration with TEC
  • Customer Follow-up on Site or Via Email
  • Check-list of documents and per operation
  • Electronic Document Management (GED) by Process and by Customer
  • Customs Warehouse Control
  • Temporary Admission Control
  • Control International
  • Freight Quotation
  • International Freight Quotation
  • Emission of Boarding Instructions
  • Issuance of AWB and BL Electronics
  • Estimates and Spreadsheet of Import Costs
  • Operational Performance Indicators
  • Accounts Payable / Receivable
  • Issuance of Service and NFS-e Tax Notes
  • Accounting Integration
  • Banking Integration
  • Integration with Other Management Systems (ERP) **
  • Quality Management Module for Nonconformity Registration **
  • GMail Integration

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