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iFMS is an NVOCC-centric Enterprise Software Solution to run the forwarding business efficiently. iFMS understands what NVOCC really matters providing everything you need for your logistics business.

WASHINGTON Amazon has received a license from the Federal Maritime Commission to operate as a non-vessel operating common carrier of cargo from China to the United States, the latest sign of how the e-commerce giant is taking a more active role in transporting its own freight.


  • Dashboard
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Global Shipping Notification
  • Accurate Invoice Processing
  • GAAP based Accounting
  • Visibility and Control
  • Collaboration Tool
  • Global Operation Capability


With flexible order management, customers can enter orders manually, import from Excel, and view order status at any time.


With multi-warehouse support, large and small facilities can rapidly scale their operations to meet seasonal changes, business growth, and high-volume customers.


Efficiently route all key enterprise operations and financial business processes together with warehouse management, and innovatively provide integrated dashboards, reporting, and analytics across entire warehousing business.

What happens when your warehouse is unplugged?

In warehouses, business as usual relies on steady and stable conditions—but these are not guaranteed. Numerous situations can disrupt productivity: A hurricane or ice storm comes through and knocks the power out for several days. You outgrow your warehouse and have to shut down while you move to a larger facility. The server finally crashes, and you have a total hard-drive failure. It’s not a question of if, but when your warehouse experiences a power outage. In such a situation, what happens to your warehouse management system (WMS)? Is it accessible during an extended power outage? Will you be able to immediately resume managing your inventory when the power returns? What do you do in the interim? The following three technology management approaches can affect your warehouse operations’ connectivity during and after a power outage.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

One popular option—particularly among small and mid-sized companies—is a SaaS solution, which allows business owners to subscribe to a WMS for a monthly fee. This flexible solution tailors the service to each company’s needs, and avoids upfront investments such as software licenses and technical infrastructure. The SaaS model allows a WMS to be hosted through the technology provider. This third-party cloud offers the same data security and performance as a WMS hosted on-site, but because the infrastructure is hosted elsewhere, the software is unaffected by local power outages. When the power fails, employees can work wirelessly through a virtual private network, which means you can provide information to customers and keep tabs on your inventory without losing a beat.

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