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About GreenLine Systems

The Global Vigilance team got its start as GreenLine Systems in 2002. Started by subject matter experts in border control, risk management, and logistics, we develop software applications that assess the risk of conveyances, cargo, and travelers. With offices in the Washington, DC region, our team delivers risk management solutions for a broad spectrum of defense, intelligence, law, and regulatory enforcement agencies. Our solutions help analysts and decision-makers address risks to safety, security, environment, health, and revenue.

Today, our solutions are operational in the United States, Canada, Europe, Central America, South America, SE Asia, and the Caribbean supporting defense, anti-smuggling, environmental protection, and regulatory enforcement missions.

Combining comprehensive maritime data with a powerful risk analysis engine, Global Vigilance VSS strengthens your organization’s Maritime Situational Awareness. Our software applies business rules to Maritime Big Data in order to produce accurate, in-depth, and reliable risk evaluation and analysis and to visualize the facts and logic supporting that analysis.

VSS develops a global, holistic maritime picture by integrating data from multiple sources, such as terrestrial- and satellite-based ship position data (AIS/S-AIS); vessel, port, and company characteristics; vessel histories; vessel movements; and entity and vessel watch lists. VSS provides advanced searching and alerting capabilities that enable the maritime analyst to identify and model the histories, movements, and behaviors of bad actors in the maritime domain. Automated monitoring and alerting ensures that analysts are notified and informed of events and circumstances that motivate security-related decisions. Advanced analysis tools make sense of the immense ocean of maritime data to establish and clarify the maritime picture. The analysis, presented in a user-friendly interface and that supports collaboration, helps analysts and decision makers to identify targets of interest and to make interdiction decisions.

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