End-To-End Management Visibility & Functionality

Real-Time data visualization enables you to make data-driven decisions to maximize operational efficiency and conduct performance analysis for exponential growth. Quickly identify negative profit shipments. Usually, shipments that are incurring losses can be quickly fixed. Yet, no other forwarder management software will allow you to pay attention to these issues until it is too late to fix them.

Providing Good Customer Services to Your Clients is Now Essential

Customer relationship management is a new trend in the freight forwarding industry. Recently, more and more freight forwarders have started to train for CRM. Lowering freight transportation cost is no longer a sustainable way to remain competitive in the freight forwarding business. This is why we have developed a cross-functional and innovative forwarder freight management software to help bring your customer service support to the next level. The only and ultimate CRM for Freight Forwarders that will be needed. Build long term relationships with customers for sustainable and stable growing returns.

Pre-configured trade parties

Preset all the trade parties for your customers and avoid having any human errors in forwarder management

Memo your customized services

Note the customer’s special requirements in the memo and make the account hand-over become effortless

Overdue & over credit limits

A pop-up warning to remind you of trade partners with overdue and over credit limits in forwarder management

Remote Accounting System to Audit Your Accounting Status

GoFreight provides full accounting features that are specially designed for freight forwarders. With the system, forwarders can create invoices for operational and non-operational, make/receive payment, and print readily prepared comprehensive reports for forwarder management. Because our system is purely cloud-based, you will be able to remote access our accounting system anywhere, at any time.

GoFreight, a System with Permission Control

Role-based authority for different roles and tasks, such as forwarder management, logistical operations, sales, accounting, sea shipment tracking, global forwarding, freight tracking, freight transportation, freight rate tracking, and customer service.

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