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GLSHK is the world’s leading e-freight expert. With over 20 years experience in the air cargo industry, we now serve thousands of stakeholders to facilitate electronic data interchange (EDI) across the globe.

In 2011, GLSHK achieved an important milestone in international e-freight development, by enabling Cathay Pacific and its affiliated airlines to fully implement Electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB) in January and extend the practice outside Hong Kong in April.In order to provide the best-in-class global e-freight solutions to lead and assist the industry stakeholders to achieve hassle-free end-to-end e-freight operations, we keep extending our worldwide coverage. We aim to provide reliable, flexible world-class solutions and services to every stakeholder in the air cargo supply chain. We promote innovative solutions that facilitate the creation of e-freight roadmaps for the industry. We collaborate closely with strategic partners to achieve mutual benefits in the development and promotion of global networks. We enhance and maintain a quality management platform for carriers and forwarders that conforms to IATA standards and international regulatory requirements. We offer flexibility and tailor-made solutions to you and strengthen your competitiveness.


  • Strategic Partner of IATA e-freight project
  • Cargo Data Management Platform Provider, certified by Cargo iQ (the First in Asia)
  • IATA Cargo XML Task Force


We integrate and enable different stakeholders to exchange shipment records in compliance with regulatory and industry specifications. We connect forwarders, carriers, CCS, customs, post offices, cargo warehouses / terminals and system integrators in a single platform achieving incremental values


We invest resources to understand future air freight cargo trends. We carry out pilot projects to study new initiatives in preparation for new systems or solutions for our customers


We are a trusted service provider. Our worldwide partner customer list includes 3,310+ active forwarders, 90+ carriers, 75+ post offices, as well as customs and terminal warehouses

For more visit: www.glshk.com

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