Global Shares

About This Software

Global Shares was founded in 2005 with a passion for equity administration and a vision to build a great company, one that changes the market with our innovative technology, while at the same time delivering exceptional stock plan services to our clients and their employees all over the world.
Today Global Shares is a market-leading provider of highly innovative web based Software for equity administration and financial reporting in the global employee share plan arena. We have offices in New York, California, Brazil, London & Ireland. We work with large and small, private and public companies with participants in 100+ countries worldwide.

For more visit: www.globalshares.com

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Who we are

Freight Forwarding Software is a free service to help businesses find the right freight forwarding software. We offer the most comprehensive list of freight forwarding software solutions on the web so that you’re guaranteed to find your best match. It is free for anybody looking for Freight Forwarding software because software vendors pay us when we help you find the best match. It used to solve the complexities and reduce the time for searching freight forwarding software.

Implementing Innovations through Freight Software

Today the digitalized era has been rendering rapid technological solutions for every necessity. The logistics and Shipping industries are a fast-growing domain that uses advanced software for their freight management. Freight Software offers efficient technological solutions for enhanced and fulfilled cargo management that entail transportation and freights optimization. The advanced freight software has patterned by accounting clients’ and freight forwarding companies’ wants with enormous customized features.

Freight Software – a smart pick

Freight management software has been built with a dedicated cost-cutting technology with greater data security for serving Freight Industries. The freight software has a customized approach to operational information that furnishes harmonized solutions for freight forwarding businesses. Logistics operations like freight management, transportation, supply chain, warehousing, documentation, distribution, etc. have been facilitated smoothly with live tracking updates and notification alerts.