About Freightflow

Freightflow is a cloud based Transportation Management System designed by software engineers and industry professionals with vast experience in the transportation and produce industries to address the complex transportation needs of the perishable foods industry. Freightflow’s solution uniquely enhances customer service and reduces transportation costs for Grower/Shippers, Wholesalers/Distributors, and in-house or stand alone 3PL divisions.

Freightflow customers expect to save 1-3% minimum on their freight spend in their first full year of use. For example, if your annual freight spend is $10,000,000, you will see a savings of $100,000! Not only does that pay for the software, it puts $$$ back to your bottom line! Additionally, companies anticipate reducing headcount by at least one resource which equates to an additional annual savings of $60,000 to $80,000 per year.

Freightflow has integrated with the most popular tools out there and continuously brings new integrations based on the needs of our clients to the table. We’ve integrated with all of the most popular transportation applications, such as DAT, Truckstop, RMIS, Trucker Tools, and more, so you can work in one program instead of several at a time. Additionally, our integrations with ERP software, such as Famous, ProducePro, and Business Central, make double data entry a thing of the past.

We built Freightflow with a great variety of different connectors. From FTP and SFTP connectors to web services and the most modern and well known Rest APIs are available for us to connect with almost any system out there.


  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Carrier Management
  • Customer Management
  • Driver Management
  • Load Management
  • Order Management
  • Quotes / Estimates
  • Routing
  • Scheduling

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