Freight Master software

About Us

Innosys Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company founded in 1981 that has established a reputation for providing complete commercial application software to the logistics industry.In the development of its software packages, Innosys was one of the first company to apply the benefits of computers in the commercial environment.

The Freight Master consists of 5 major subsystems: the Air Freight Operations Subsystem, the Ocean Freight Operations Subsystem, the warehouse Management Subsystem and the Multi-Currency Accounting Subsystem. The system consist of the following application modules to fully meet the requirements of freight forwarding companies – all integrated to function as one complete system.

Skills gained over many years enable us to advise clients in all aspects of Information Technology and to assist organizations in the selection and effective use of computers and associated equipment. We also act as advisor in the implementation of operational procedures for both the operational activities as well as the accounting activities of a logistics service provider.
In the vital field of Information Technology education we are equipped to offer training courses for groups or individuals, designed to suit the client’s specific needs. We also offer a familiarization course for management designed to provide an overall background knowledge of information technology in relation to the logistics industry.
Our Implementation assistance consists of on site on-the-job training, “hand holding” of users through the initial data entry phase to the daily and monthly postings. We also conduct reviews on procedures to ensure that users are well versed with the operation of the entire system.


  • Air Freight Operations
  • Sea Freight Operations
  • Transport Operations
  • 3PL Warehouse Management System
  • Multi-Currency Accounting
  • Optional Modules