Forward Office

About This Software

Globalisation has forced everyone to radically rethink the way that they do business and new trends have emerged within the supply chain to meet this challenge.

The freight and logistics industry has experienced significant change over the last two decades. The customer is ever more demanding, with higher expectations ? their only interest is to deliver goods to destination quickly, reliably and cost-effectively. While on the one hand the customer is demanding shorter transit times and an improved quality of service, on the other he is expecting this at a reduced cost.


  • Foundations
  • Integrated e-Mail Communications
  • e-Document Management
  • OCR Document Processing
  • CRM, Sales and Marketing
  • Import Air Freight
  • Export Air Freight
  • Import Sea Freight
  • Export Sea Freight
  • Import Road Freight
  • Export Road Freight
  • Transport and Traffic Desk Operations
  • Equipment Control
  • Warehouse Management
  • UK Import Customs Procedures
  • UK Export Customs Procedures
  • Customs Freight Simplified Procedures CFSP
  • Intra-EC Trade Statistics
  • ForwardOffice-Connect CSP comms
  • VAT and Duty Reconciliation
  • Sales Invoicing
  • Job Costing
  • Cheque Control/Purchase Invoice Passing
  • Quality Control
  • ForwardVision Order Management
  • Consignment Tracking and Event Management
  • Accounts Interface
  • Financial Analysis
  • Corporate Reporting

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