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Focus Softnet provides ERP solutions for warehouse, supply chain management, transportation management and inventory management systems on Cloud.

Focus Softnets ERP software for warehouse and logistics industry offers an unparalleled combination of features apt for companies dealing with complex issues related to storing of stocks and its movements. The smart technology-enabled application suites provide streamlined processes, which benefits businesses of all scale to increase their productivity and reduce fulfilment times. These ERP software systems also offer robust platforms that help warehousing and logistics businesses control costs.

These solutions provide a single platform for performing all warehouse operations including receiving orders for shipment, material discharge requests, transfer goods to another warehouse, accepting purchased goods, setting alarms for delays, and much more. The comprehensive warehouse management modules provide users complete access to monitor them all.

Warehousing and Logistics service is a vital part of global supply chains, connecting several other major industry verticals. For effective distribution and timely delivery, the warehouse and logistics business is expected to have an integrated system with real-time information of every process. Implementation of an ERP solution strengthens the control over operations and increases cooperation between clients involved in the process.

Inventory Management System

An inventory management that lacks integration is plagued with inaccurate predictions about future demands, hence making it very difficult for the business to stock the inventory with the correct balance of products. The absence of automation also makes it challenging to have a timely response to demand and supply, with limited options to monitor different aspects of the business, thereby restricting organizations to take timely decisions.

An ERP software can ideally turn warehouses into more logically structured storage locations that have defined a position for every product. It helps business have a more controlled deployment and picking up products from the shelves. The system can guide workers to directly reach the specific locations in the warehouse while finding goods to prepare for shipping or store new products. This operation is supported by integrated barcode and RFID readers available in a warehouse management software.

Focus Softnets warehouse management solutions comprise of all these tools to bring optimization in the magnitude of warehouse operations. The automation systems introduce paperless management of both internal and external processes and keep up with the demands of modern markets.

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