FLOTILLA Pathfinder

About Pathfinder

Pathfinder Computer Consultancy was founded in 1994 in UAE to develop and market its flagship product FLOTILLA a software solution for Freight Forwarding, Logistics and NVOCC operations. Pathfinder having vast experience in Information Technology, Cargo and Logistics, is the market leader in providing value added software solutions for Freight Forwarding, Logistics, NVOCC, Human Resource Management and Financial Accounting.

Since its first implementation in 1994, “FLOTILLA” has been receiving fabulous response from UAE and other markets. Originally developed on a Clipper platform, “FLOTILLA” was migrated to Oracle in 1997 and a web enabled version has been introduced in 2004.

The market acceptance of “FLOTILLA”, backed by innovative and judicious approach of the management in continuously migrating to contemporary technology and delivering periodic upgrades, facilitated Pathfinder Computer Consultancy in achieving steady growth in its revenue and number of installations.

Our Mission

Pathfinder Computer Consultancy aims to be a global leader with unrivalled capability and unmatched product quality. The fruit of this mission is continuous innovation to provide the best possible products and services to users at all levels. We are committed to continue at the forefront of innovation and strive to offer our clients the most advanced solutions and complete range of services.
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