Fast Freight Advanced Service Technology

About This Software

The leading product of the company is FAST – Freight Advanced Service Technology. This exceptional product is designed to increase the productivity, advance integration and improve communication of the logistics chain. The system presents a unique and innovative approach to the freight business and includes fully configurable settings to manage any freight service for any client and freight type.

FAST includes a complete flow of both the process and the service, from Sales Proposals and Customer Management (CRM) to the Invoices and economics management (ERP), it also includes a warehouse management portal, customer and supplier portal for easy communication with your network of suppliers and customers.

Until now, freight forwarding IT solutions have been complex systems that required up-front capital investment, IT support, on-site sustenance, as well as major implementation and adaptation efforts. Our company has given out great efforts to change this prospect completely by providing efficient security, availability, reliability, and performance through the exceptional use of our SaaS software.


      • Get a full freight software online in minutes
      • Connect to the lates technologies
      • Automatic Processes Management
      • Never Lose a Single Booking
      • Networking saves time managing shipments
      • Increase Customers Satisfaction

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