About Ezollution

Ezollution provides Electronic Data Interchange ERP services B2B solutions designed to Cargo Fraternity and enable companies to communicate business data electronically, Ezollution has the right solution for filing Your Cargo Manifest and Provide you best Software Solutions.

Electronic Data Interchange Solutions for Indian Customs “Ezollution” Ezollution Services Pvt. Ltd for revolutionary change in traditional snail procedures in the manifest filing. The Ezollution ERP system is focused on easy Operations and robust reformation of its client In Air and Ocean/Sea freight operators for filing manifests electronically to Indian Customs. Ezollution having PANINDIA physical presence in all major Airports. It is also the certified Electronic Service Provider to Indian Customs through the Indian Customs Gateway (ICEGATE).

At Ezollution we aim to provide full and bespoke IT support services for hassle free Manifestation into ICEGATE, tailored to our client’s business and its unique requirements. With over 10+ years of experience in Information technology in India and abroad, With businesses as diverse as pioneering back-office processing for EDI to ICEGATE in competitive rates to be the representative for many of the world’s leading airlines, shipping line, and freight forwarders from managing the backbone of the technological framework to managing crucial relationships of international service providers.

Good data is essential for building effective models that get reliable results from AI. Our data management capabilities let you access and integrate data from virtually any source. A suggestion engine simplifies data prep. And data governance tracks data and model lineage, so if your data changes, you’ll know which models need retraining. Analytical visualization is key to data relationships, uncovering insights and understanding the outcomes from AI solutions. Visualization tools from Ezollution transform the way you consume and act on insights.

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