About ExportFile

Since our first installation in 2000, companies have been using our products to reduce paperwork and increase productivity. ExportFile software is simple and intuitive because our software is designed and developed by freight transportation professionals as well as web application engineers. It is so easy to use, it hardly requires any training. Anyone who has seen a bill of lading can use the system.


    • Accounting
    • WebPortal Connections
    • Service Contract Management
    • Online Customer Access
    • Upload Documents
    • Secure and Reliable

Secure and Scalable

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform using their enterprise SQL software, cloud computing assures 24/7 uptime. SSL encryption protects data security. Password enabled and permission based structure allows total control.

Customer Relation Management

Manage your office with exceptional reporting tools, breaking down your orders into multiple parameters including but not limited to employee, customer, carrier, & shipper. Track contracts throughout your operation and by individual employee, customer, or shipper. EXportFILE maintains all your contact information making it easy to recall vital customer information fast.

Accounting Convenience

Integration with Quick Books ensures seamless and accurate accounting, replacing bulky non-integrated solutions. Accounting, billing and P&L statements made easy. EXportFILE’s flexible transaction based billing allows your business to pay for only the services you use.

Service Contract Management

Our built in Service Contract Management System (SCMS) manages your service contracts and connects to online sailing schedule data. Rates can link to our quote form for both selling and buying rates. Trucking rates can also be included in this module. The administrator has the ability to set margins for customers and internal staff.


EXportFILE requires no installation, accessed via secure login from within browser software. Easy to run, implementation and navigation are intuitive. Information storage is continuous and automatically updated. Maintain confidential contracts, view rates, quote, book, track, produce documents and complete files all in one place. Your clients can even start and manage their own shipments, download documents and communicate with your operations personnel from within the application.

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