E2open Harmony offers a modern and intuitive user experience that unifies all workflows and analytics on a “single pane of glass” for ease and efficiency. Say goodbye to tired interfaces, copying from applications and swiveling between monitors. Say hello to graphical visualizations, user-configurable key performance indicators (KPIs) and flexible dashboards that make it easy to see what’s happening, understand the business implications and quickly take corrective actions. Everything you need to succeed is in one place—regardless of the underlying applications, algorithms or data sources required to make this happen.

The network for the digital economy with everything you need to orchestrate success and power your business transformation.
Delivering enduring value by building the most comprehensive and capable end-to-end global supply chain ecosystem.
One Trusted Partner and Countless Opportunities Let us help you orchestrate success. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of planning, execution and network, we work with you wherever you are in your journey to business transformation.

Whether you’re in supply chain, channel management or logistics, we’ve got you covered. E2open’s intelligent application suites help you plan, execute, optimize and orchestrate end-to-end operations, giving you the breadth and depth to meet today’s needs and grow in the future through to complete digital transformation. With a “network at the core,” E2open’s applications and prescriptive analytics are uniquely positioned to leverage the granular, real-time data required to make quality decisions in today’s fast-moving markets.

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